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Secrets of Brazilian Music

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A Guide to Brazilian Rhythms

Henrique Gomide's online course Secrets of Brazilian Music will help you, understanding and internalising the main Brazilian rhythms, so that you can play them in a natural way and with a good groove. Designed for amateurs and professionals.

For all instruments

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How it works

I started my musical life exclusively with classical music.


Years later I became interested in Brazilian music and although I already had good pianistic technique, I had great difficulty interpreting Brazilian rhythms in a relaxed and natural way . That changed when I became interested in the world of percussion .


I understood that in order to be able to play Brazilian music on any instrument, you have to master the percussive base. That's exactly what we're going to do in this course: you'll master all the basic rhythmic patterns so you can play relaxed and with a good groove. It worked for me, and will work for you!

Henrique Gomide




Ettore Strangio

After studying with Henrique I was reminded of the importance of having a good teacher. He can really teach you how to experience Brazilian music, the rhythms, grooves and vibes with your body and on the instrument.


Edin Mujkanovic
education officer,
State Music Academy North Rhine-Westphalia

Henrique is a wonderful musician and teacher who more than knows his craft. His courses are methodically excellent and he cuts the aisles into the jungle of Brazilian music with charm, expertise and infectious enthusiasm. This combination is unique.


Johanna Mo
singer / guitarist

Henrique helped me understand Brazilian rhythms at their roots. His concept is very clear and easy to understand. It is suitable for both amateurs and professional musicians who want to understand and learn the Brazilian musical language. In addition, thanks to the online course and its workshop, I now know the function of the style-typical instruments in samba, bossa nova, baião etc., which in turn helps me to play the guitar, improvise and compose for my bands.


Jean Louc Cammas


Henrique is a unique encyclopedia of Brazilian music in Europe. He has compiled all the essential information about Brazilian music and translated it into an easy-to-understand vocabulary so that both advanced musicians and beginners are able to start practicing right away.  

Recommended for all musicians interested in Brazilian music as well as those who want to improve their sense of syncopation and timing.

90% of musicians who play melodic instruments don't spend enough time learning to drum.

Once you understand this and master the basic rhythms of percussion, the interpretation of melody instruments will improve significantly and you will start playing with a good rhythm.

the 5 steps

Image by C D-X

1. Listening

Image by Adib Harith Fadzilah

2. Feeling

Image by Paul Zoetemeijer

3. Drumming

Image by Daniel Robert Dinu

4. Speaking / singing

Image by Paulo Goncalves

5. Playing


diverse forms of learning

15 playlists

10 rhythmic backing tracks


About the teacher

Henrique Gomide is a pianist, composer and arranger. Born in São Paulo in 1988, he specialized in Brazilian piano and in applying Brazilian percussion concepts to his piano playing.

He studied classical piano since childhood and completed his master's degree in classical piano at the University of São Paulo in 2010. He also received a scholarship for a master's degree at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague in the Netherlands and years later completed a second master's degree in composition and arrangement at the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln.

Since the age of 16 he has been intensively involved with Brazilian music, which can be heard on award-winning albums such as Misturada and Enigma - A música de Garoto by his piano trio project Caixa Cubo.

During his graduate studies, Gomide wrote a dissertation on the Brazilian composer and stringed instrument virtuoso Aníbal Augusto Sardinha, also known as Garoto (1915-1955). Since then he has been involved in several projects aimed at spreading Garoto's music around the world. He is one of the authors of the songbook  Choros de Garoto  (IMS - SESC Editions), which contains 67 compositions by Garoto. He is also on the musical direction of the first documentary about Garoto  Garoto-Vivo Sonhando  involved. In 2016, Henrique worked as the musical director for the tribute show  Garoto 100 Anos , which took place in Sesc Pinheiros (Sao Paulo, Brazil). She brought together important Brazilian musicians such as Guinga, Yamandu Costa and Paulo Bellinati.  

Throughout his career, Henrique has played with important Brazilian musicians such as Nailor Proveta, Teco Cardoso, Vinicius Dorin, Guinga, Yamandu Costa, Paulo Bellinati, Toninho Carrasqueira, Monica Salmaso, Celio Barros, Marku Ribas, Gabi Guedes and others.

In recent years, his projects have become more and more popular in Europe. Among them: The album Angela by his trio Caixa Cubo was named one of the best albums of 2020 by BBC 6 Music. His trio Nau Trio played a showcase at Jazzahead 2021 . With the singer Ayça Miraç he won the Criole NRW Award 2019.

Projects by Henrique Gomide


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